Saturday, October 31, 2009

Announcement: This Blog now closed.

I'm opening a new blog, and this one will be kept for posterity until i can figure out how to transfer the content. Thanks for reading.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Fanbuntu AKA Fannish Pack


I have been thinking of an idea, where software packages such as Pidgin, Ekiga, Mumble, Firefox, Thunderbird, and other network communications applications are automagically configured (via a Python script, perhaps?) to use centralized servers for specialized communication.


I have noticed that many people do not know of or possess many packages that, even if redundant, are Free and Open Source Software, and would not hurt to possess (barring such things as "insufficient disk capacity", "insufficient permissions" or such), and the convenience of having central servers should provide motivation to acquire the meta-package.


There are two parts to this idea.

First, there is the client-side aspect, where a Python application adds files and runs scripts to configure the clients. This may involve running a Druid to gather data, then generating files, overwriting the ones produced by the original installers. The point of the exercise being, that the communications applications are already configured to connect (aggressively) to particular central servers, and speaking of which....

Second, there is the server-side. Basic network services, such as DNS name servers, Teredo IPv6 tunneling servers, DHCP address assignment servers, STUN traversal servers, IRC+XMPP+SILC chat servers, SIP+IAX2 VoIP servers, Mumble teleconferencing servers, ESMTP+POP3 mail servers, and LDAP directory servers, not to mention the many MUD and game servers, are all ran by a not-for-profit organization ran by the Science Fiction Fandom, as well as many daughter fandoms, you know who I mean.

These servers may be redundant (especially the basic network services), but these servers a specially reserved and set aside for the Fandom, and provide a specialized community.

Elaboration on this and related ideas to be posted.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Family Reunion Project

I have shelved a few projects in order to make room for a threefold project.

Keeping in mind that this is a blog for family and friends, very informal, I was going to post information to be used to access services.

My blog will be used to coordinate online communications as a jump-off point.

I plan on posting coordinating info this way.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My Academic Plan

I think I have finally decided on my plan, academically.

I am a bohemian artist, it seems. I am an individualist.

I spent too much of my life learning technology to waste that, even if I have no natural talent at it.

So, I will go to the University of Texas at Dallas, and take their B.A. in Arts and Technology.

Then after I establish a name for myself as an innovative storytelling media artist (game developer), I will start specializing in educational and commercial virtual worlds and virtual offices.

I plan on leading the market for specialty games and simulations, like those that teach history, training sims, and educational sims.

I need the friends that the University of Texas at Dallas will provide, especially when I get some roomies in one of the apartments.

Hopefully, this will lead to a bright future.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Some things I'm called

I have been called many things, some things stand out.

I have been called

absent-minded professor,
rebel without a cause,
freedom fighter,
irish american,
black irish,
drama king,
large ham,
all over the place,

Powerleveling time!

I am learning a lot. I realize I must have been raised by wolves (not literally).

First, I am only beginning to realize just how many layers there are in this world, as I am peeling off layer after layer.

I am trying to learn my place, as I am just a teenager (I am 21 years old), but I was never taught what it meant to live, so I never knew to expect these feelings.

I am told this too will pass. I can't help but wish it to pass quickly, although a literal genie would take a few years of my lifespan if it were granted.

I am told that no matter what the circumstances, I must be pleasant to be around.
I can do that much. I just have to learn what people expect from me. That shouldn't be too hard.

I am told that I am blessed with an "old soul," a gift of above-average intelligence, and artistic ability. They must not know I'm trying to be humble (I have self esteem issues).

Well, I'm glad I have everyone's vote! I feel better that everyone thinks so much of me.

I'm not trying to make excuses for my behavior, but I am trying to explain that I have large gaps in my knowledge of the world that get in the way of my communication with my family and friends. I grew up isolated from the world, and was not allowed to join clubs and fraternities that would have helped me gain understanding.

Maybe it's because I'm a teenager, maybe I'm just being a wuss, I don't know, but I feel that having been caged for so long as a ward of the state has stunted my emotional and social growth, and that now I'm making up for lost time.

I can do it, but my family has to understand I'm not some genius kid who can do everything.

I keep being told I'm so fluent, expressive, charismatic, kind, gentle, ...

I do need the emotional support, I apologize.

For those who don't know, this blog is mostly for my family and friends, people who know me.
It is very personal and unprofessional. So read at your own risk.

On a more lighthearted note, I have solidified some plans of mine.
I have chosen the path I will take for spiritual enlightenment.
I have chosen Wicca as my religion, and Neo-Druidic philosophy as an ethical guideline.
I may expand it with some Shamanistic beliefs and practices to expand it, but that should keep me busy.

I have chosen the path I will take for social enlightenment, more or less.
I will join Mensa, as I have been propositioned by them twice. It should not be too difficult to beat their test, I just need sleep and breakfast, and a warm up test.

I think I will specialize in banking and finance (high security stuff) using open source software, and for open source software projects.

That means I will be the one to open a bank specifically for open source and distributed projects, specializing in online and anonymous banking, providing capital to open source projects, and other things I feel is related, such not-for-profit endeavors as greening the ways, churches, covens, and groves, and other efforts that could use capital.

The bank would eventually be pretty large, but would follow a Credit Union model (members only).

That way, one has to have stock (money in the bank) to take out loans, thus loans hurt you too if you don't pay them, and greed hurts you too if you get stingy with the loans.

Since enlightened, productive people are the only ones who bother to do all that's necessary to qualify, members will not ruin it for everyone by tossing liability suits around or other such conflicts.

I am the first to recognize that I have a lot of growing to do, I need to become mature enough to be described as "slow to anger," "dependable," "knows what to do in a crisis," and other such wonderful descriptions.

Since I want to be like that, I have to start working on my issues, and powerlevel past some immaturity. I may do things like go to a costume party and have fun, because, having been raised by wolves, I never got to play dress-up, so I might take up silly hobbies like cosplay.

However, to some cosplayers, it's serious business.

But I can do that on my own time. I have only <40 years of life left, and I need to get cracking!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Just Joined a LUG

A LUG is a Linux User Group.

I joined the one in North Texas / Dallas,

but I was really nervous, and I hadn't had breakfast.

I thought it was a disaster, but

they accepted me anyway.

Whew! I needed those friends!

Anyways, I thought my network should know that it is growing.

Those who actually read this thing may want to know what Linux is.

Linux is a derivative of Minux by Linus Torvalds, as any geek knows, 

and is based on Unix back when there was a snaffu about UNIX rights.

Linux may be a monolithic kernel (read: Mach vs Linux), but 

Linux is more mature and popular.

Anyway, I'm going to become a master eventually. Wish me luck!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Actually I'm not Bipolar.

That was a joke. I was feeling sarcastic, I apologize.

Anyways, I am an innovator.

Many of my ideas involve a synthesis from:

p2p, crowdsourcing, open source, organic, libertarian, do-it-yourself, green, smart mobbing, alternative medicine, traditional medicine, holistic, hobbyist, modder, hot rod, hacker, commune, ...

As you can see, I have been exposed to many divergent viewpoints, and taken the best of each. I have taken the social freedoms of Democracy, and combined them with the economic freedoms of Republicanism. I found there was already a word for it:

Libertarianism. What a mouthful.

Many ideas I possess do not have names.

I'll need to coin a few, I guess.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Alex, the Computer Consultant

Ahem. I have been called "nerd," "geek," "next Bill Gates," "absent-minded professor," "charismatic," among other things.

I love philosophy, ask really good questions all of the time, and never remember to keep up with keys, socks, and the like.

I have never really known what would be best for me, but since I always find and synthesize innovative ideas, some people think I should be an entrepreneur.

Unfortunately, I ask a lot of questions that no one around me have answers for, so I became a computer geek to figure out how to get them.

I have since been developing a marketable skillset, and plan on becoming a freelance Computer Consultant.

I do need to get certified to maintain credibility, though.

Keeping in mind that this is my personal blog, I know more than enough to pass CCNA and A+ certs, but I need money to do that.

For anyone in the biz, it is understood that one must be accredited to gain credibility. Although I personally disagree with the scheme, in that there is no official guild system, and the education system is broken.

(Microsoft has a stranglehold on the market, and so does Cisco. It is not their fault, they are just investing good money in bad mistakes. More on that later.)

Favorite Scene from "Angel"

Oliver: You are a beautiful, beautiful man.
Angel: Thanks.
Oliver: You're an actor.
Angel: No.
Oliver: That wasn't a question. I'm Oliver. Ask anyone about Oliver. They'll tell you I'm a fierce animal. I'm your manager as soon as you call.
Angel: I'm not an actor.
Oliver: Funny. I like the humor. I like the whole thing. Call me. This isn't a come on. I'm in a very serious relationship with a landscape architect.

That didn't make sense...

I was talking about scents, but that was weird, looking back on it..