Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Quick Update

Well, I just had my
Birthday, on November the 13th, and I got a cake, a Barnes and Noble
gift card with $30 on it. I also got a motherboard, though I hope to
get a matching processor for Christmas. That is the last time I let
anyone I know get a cake from that Kroger. Especially one with
strawberries. The day after we brought it home, it sprouted fine silky
fuzz with little black capsules. (Read: Mold)

Anyway, I have been
practicing my PHP coding skills a little, and I'm thinking about
starting on learning Python.

I recently (Saturday, December the 1st) presented my part in the Christmas
piano recital over there at Valley View Mall, outside Dillards, I think. My mom and I did
fairly well on "Up On the Housetop,"
but the page-turn messed up our coordination on "Greensleeves," (or "What Child is This,"
according to the Program Sheet) so we did well on the first half, but
were noticeably faltering on the second half of the first go through,
though I think we corrected ourselves sufficiently once we turned from
the first page to the second page the second time. (My mom doesn't agree.) I think we did well,
overall, though, and from the glowing appreciation everyone poured on
us after we were through, made me think that it wasn't bad, just

Later that day, I sang
at my Church's Nativity/Creche Presentation. I sang Tenor, and I sang
in quite a few Carols. Two of them were sung by the whole Congregation, and
four were sung specifically by the Choir, only, and we practiced heavily months in
advance, which appeared to pay off, not only to my own ears, as I think
we sounded gorgeous, but we were paid many compliments by all sorts of
people. I think I was given around two compliments, myself, and my
grandmother was given some as well.

I temporarily fixed the problems with my router, as it was acting up.
It can be such an attention-seeker sometimes. It must have felt
abandoned or lonely or something, but it picked a bad time to make a
scene, as I was filling out a form on line, and the connection quit as
I submitted it. It was a huge form, and of course it didn't save my
work, so about 15 minutes to half an hour went down the drain.
Thankfully, it wasn't of utmost importance, or I'd be pulling my hair
out in frustration.

I found my Izod jacket. I thought it had disappeared off the face of
the planet through the miniature black hole that took up residence in
our apartment. The drier isn't this malevolent, so I know it isn't that.

Richard, if he hasn't repeated a grade, will be coming out of school
this coming May. I can't wait to apologize to him, befriend him, and
tell him how sick I was to be mean to him, to use him in my
attention-seeking behaviors, etal. If he reads this blog, I want to
tell him I love him whether he forgives his big, bad big brother or
not. I'm really a big softy, and if he wants to, he can beat up on me
for a whole year.

I offer a year of retribution as penance.

I also offer this reassurance. All of that disturbing nonsense I was
coming out with at Buckner's and such, I said to get attention. I never
meant it, not one tiny bit. Not that you'd trust my word, though the
thought pains me, but I give you that to consider.

I loved you very
much, no matter what, I'll make it up to you. Both of us were being arses. For some reason, I
wanted to be the bigger arse, so I tried. Unfortunately, I think I succeeded.

I love you little brother, and I really hope you come to forgive me. I
have some plans as to what we could do as brothers, like go skating
with Mom, watch movies with Mom, and the like.

I know I have broken your trust, but when you need a place to stay,
email me at,

I'll be waiting for you.