Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I've Got a Date!

I never suspected it would happen, but as we were playing a game of Free Word Association over the AIM chat network, it developed into a fairly deep discussion of weighty matters, and finally into arrangements for a date.


The woman in question is a fine Black woman, well endowed, with above average intellect, and a well proportioned face.

She is also very sweet, funny, fun to talk to, aware of the ways of the world, and seems interested in me.

See has pretty eyes, the color of 70% cocoa bittersweet dark chocolate, and has very endearing mannerisms.

I have plans to take her to Genghis Grill, Interskate, and then La Madelaine. I hope she won't be disappointed.

I am perfectly willing to spend my own money for this, and will require only transportation from Mom.

It is currently scheduled for Friday, 6 PM to 9 PM, but is flexible. I will have to check with Mom before committing to this, as she needs to be free to transport me.

I'm very excited, as this is my first date since my high school Prom, and the lady, Rachel, is quite something!