Friday, October 24, 2008

Linux-related Article in Review - Sun Defends Open Source

How Will Companies Ever Make Money Off Open-Source?
— The question 'How will Sun ever make money off giving so much source-code to open source' - as it did in 2000 with, has most recently with Project Looking Glass and is about to again with Solaris - is the wrong one, argues Sun's Simon Phipps. 'It's a good question,' he says, but at its heart - he argues - 'lies a misunderstanding about the nature of open source software, and once that's cleared up everything falls into place much more easily.'

Sun Microsystems does a good job at relating how the open source model benefits all, including itself, by adopting an open source business model. BTW, you can find a neat Open Source version of their Unix-like operating system called Solaris at

Bottom line? I give it a 4/5 rating.