Sunday, February 8, 2009

Alex, the Computer Consultant

Ahem. I have been called "nerd," "geek," "next Bill Gates," "absent-minded professor," "charismatic," among other things.

I love philosophy, ask really good questions all of the time, and never remember to keep up with keys, socks, and the like.

I have never really known what would be best for me, but since I always find and synthesize innovative ideas, some people think I should be an entrepreneur.

Unfortunately, I ask a lot of questions that no one around me have answers for, so I became a computer geek to figure out how to get them.

I have since been developing a marketable skillset, and plan on becoming a freelance Computer Consultant.

I do need to get certified to maintain credibility, though.

Keeping in mind that this is my personal blog, I know more than enough to pass CCNA and A+ certs, but I need money to do that.

For anyone in the biz, it is understood that one must be accredited to gain credibility. Although I personally disagree with the scheme, in that there is no official guild system, and the education system is broken.

(Microsoft has a stranglehold on the market, and so does Cisco. It is not their fault, they are just investing good money in bad mistakes. More on that later.)

Favorite Scene from "Angel"

Oliver: You are a beautiful, beautiful man.
Angel: Thanks.
Oliver: You're an actor.
Angel: No.
Oliver: That wasn't a question. I'm Oliver. Ask anyone about Oliver. They'll tell you I'm a fierce animal. I'm your manager as soon as you call.
Angel: I'm not an actor.
Oliver: Funny. I like the humor. I like the whole thing. Call me. This isn't a come on. I'm in a very serious relationship with a landscape architect.

That didn't make sense...

I was talking about scents, but that was weird, looking back on it..

Self Knowledge Part 1

And Knowing is Half the Battle...

In my battle for control over Self, I have been doing self discovery journeys end to end.

Some things I thought interesting is the fact that scents really do call functions remotely within my mid-brain.

Kinda like XML-RPC, only for Wetware, kind creepy, huh? Well, anyway, now that I know this, I can use the same methods to call Localhost so I don't have to fight myself all of the time.

Here is the list of scents that are guaranteed to work:

Listed Previously...


My Favorite Thing About Open Source


I'm not kidding! I love the fact that KDE and GNOME are completely redundant!
You could flip a coin and know, absolutely, that there is no losing, because both are utterly right!

Now yes, it is true, that Open Source Developers tend to be very dedicated to their work, and as a result, put their heart and soul into their babies, and will get very emotional over their contributions (wouldn't anyone?), but as a rule, there is no wrong answer.

KDE and GNOME are by no means mutually exclusive, and though they do have compatibility issues, they are, like Democraticism and Republicanism, best together.

Flame me if you got what it takes, I'll outflame anyone!
Support freedom