Sunday, February 8, 2009

Alex, the Computer Consultant

Ahem. I have been called "nerd," "geek," "next Bill Gates," "absent-minded professor," "charismatic," among other things.

I love philosophy, ask really good questions all of the time, and never remember to keep up with keys, socks, and the like.

I have never really known what would be best for me, but since I always find and synthesize innovative ideas, some people think I should be an entrepreneur.

Unfortunately, I ask a lot of questions that no one around me have answers for, so I became a computer geek to figure out how to get them.

I have since been developing a marketable skillset, and plan on becoming a freelance Computer Consultant.

I do need to get certified to maintain credibility, though.

Keeping in mind that this is my personal blog, I know more than enough to pass CCNA and A+ certs, but I need money to do that.

For anyone in the biz, it is understood that one must be accredited to gain credibility. Although I personally disagree with the scheme, in that there is no official guild system, and the education system is broken.

(Microsoft has a stranglehold on the market, and so does Cisco. It is not their fault, they are just investing good money in bad mistakes. More on that later.)

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