Monday, February 25, 2008

Update: New Classes, New Plan

New Educational Plan:

I'm going to switch from BS - Network and Communications Management at DeVry University, to AS - Network Systems Administration at DeVry.

All of my classes will transfer, so no wasted overpriced classes, and I'm already halfway through it.

When and if I graduate from that abominable facility, I will transfer to Brookhaven College, on my way to a BS at University of Texas at Dallas.

I can't believe I let Carl persuade me to sign up at DeVry.

Never, ever, sign up at DeVry. They are overpriced and incompetent. They are a useless school, and they have a largely unreasonable staff. They act like they are picky, but they do not know how to educate, nor to work with students. The only thing that keeps them afloat is fresh meat, and I don't recommend anyone ruining their life accruing a debt over these idiots. No-one is going anywhere with a "degree" from these people.

Personal Rant:

I have now developed a slight disgust and healthy fear of my step-grandfather Carl. I will not be around him and his deleterious influence if I can help it.

He apparently knows this, as he has threatened to break down our door if we don't let him in whether to rearrange our own furniture for us, in our own apartment, which we have already arranged just the way we like it, or to make sure we didn't throw away a piece of garbage he dragged out of the closest cesspool.

Mom might be, but I am not afraid to call the cops and get a restraining order for the sicko.

He might think so, but offering me cookies and similar items does not make up for striking me on my head, chest or back. He has a history of this, now. I have lost count of the times he has done this for no discernible reason.

Either he is going far over the cliff pas the hill, or was nutty to begin with.

He was the reason we left the apartment to begin with. Neither my mother nor I could life in such a stifling and deleterious environment. You had to always watch the meats, and if you got sick with the squirts, it couldn't possibly be his fault, no, it was the restaurants we ate at, if not that, we weren't getting enough sleep, if not that, then we weren't washing out hands right. Never his precious cooking. We may know how to cook, but he selected to oldest, cheapest, on the bottom of the super-duper-pay-pennies-on-the-dollar bargain bin meats and other dubiously food-like substances he discovered in dusty corners of Walmart.

I'm willing to give up a lot to eat right.

I'm willing to pay more, and eat less. I'm willing to regulate my eating habits as a matter of course. I'm willing to cook my own foods every week at least.

All I have to do now, is convince Mom of the fact, and to also convince her that I'm not saying this because I'm not paying for actual food just yet.

There is a reason blueberries, pomegranates, baby spinach and garlic are so expensive: They actually make you healthy, just as there is a reason McDonalds "food" is nearly free: It does the opposite.

I have a new group to allow me to "push" information to you.

If you would like intermittent information from me that I deem important (things I think you would want to know) and know me from somewhere, please feel free to join my Group:

Google Groups

Alex Net

Visit this group

If the above device does not work, a direct link is here.

Well, that's it for now.

I'm going to "Torify" (implement Tor on) my friend's computer. (He's paranoid, and for good reason, what with all of the senseless wiretapping the government is doing)

This won't help much, but he will appreciate it nonetheless.


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