Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Strong Dollar vs Weak Dollar

I wish I was more knowledgeable on this subject as it is something that everyone needs to learn.

I will do my best to present to the best of capacity.

Okay, the deal with the Weak Dollar.

There have been Presidents in the past that have followed a Weak Dollar Policy.

Some of them have been popular, for some reason. Why? Short-term boosts in the economy.

What happens right after? Recessions, the Great Depression, and our faltering Economy now.

These are the things that I know and believe to be true:

First: The "Market" is an Expression of Mother Nature working in the Economy (Nature of Economics)

Second: The Market, by definition, cannot fail, only decisions on the part of individuals.

Third: The Market is not the problem, "Stimulus" "Bailout" and "Pork Barrel" Packages, and the "Weak Dollar" are the problem.

See: Stimulus, Bailout, and Pork Barrel Packages

Fourth: Having caused the problem, the politicians now vie to "solve" (delay) the problem, making it worse later (putting a band-aid on malignant melanoma).

See: Weak Dollar and Inflation

Fifth: Politicians who do the right thing usually get burned.

Sixth: Politicians love printing tons of new money, causing the value of money to plummet, and thus prices to skyrocket

See: Weak Dollar and Inflation

-- If You Disagree, there are resources to back this up. In my next post, I will provide additional reading.

Seventh: The Two Party System is entrenched, and cannot be easily broken, thus third parties are viewed as "wasting votes" or "throwing your vote away," and cannot easily gain power on their own.

Eighth: The Libertarian Party, the Constitutional Party, the Green Party, and the Reform Party would be very powerful together, but would probably squabble over irrelevant details of implementation and get nothing done, wasting time better spent.

Ninth: The Best Method seems to be, at current reckoning, to form a new party (I would call it the Fox Party for various reasons (despite the ridiculousness about Satan-Fox Superstition, or perhaps because of it...), and use this Party as a Meta-Party

This New Meta Party Runs as Third Party Candidates, and represents their cause,
and then, as Third Party Candidates, Runs as Republican/Democratic Party Candidates, representing their interests as well.
(Because, as you learned in class, the President represents the entire nation
- or is supposed to, anyway.)

I will write further on this subject in later posts.

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