Friday, December 19, 2008

Education Platform: Reform Education Posthaste!

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[Link to Article @ Reuters]

Newscaster Assumes Government Responsibility
Government at Fault - Government NEVER Solves the Problems THEY Cause
[PDF Publication on Lack of American Education]

Government Admits THEY are to Blame - Presumably so they can be Re-elected to "Solve" the problems THEY Caused
[Example Platform for American Reform]

The Platform Most Likely Assumes that Government will Mediate or Dictate Curricular Standard (Which is Why We are so Ignorant in the First Place!!!)

It is very important to PRIVATIZE EDUCATION!!!

If we do, WE CHOOSE the school, WE CHOOSE WHEN, WHERE, HOW, and WHY we send our children to school.

To solve this problem, and please be patient, we must:
  1. Abolish every law concerning Education (period)
  2. Abolish Mandatory Education, Public School, the Board of Education, etc.
  3. Abolish all Requirements Regarding Education Whatsoever.
When you do this, the Free Market ( will take over, meaning that the Employers, Colleges and Universities will then Dictate REASONABLE AND PRACTICAL means to accredit learning and acheivement.

This means that All primary, secondary, and tertiary schools will regulate themselves according to what will provide their students the most profitable careers possible.

The fact that this boom in private schools, the subsequent revolutionary techniques, technology, and teaching practices that have been suppressed by circumstances under the Government's involvement and interference will provide opportunities for students, teachers, instructors, educators, teachers, researchers, and many other industries that depend on education like that never before seen in the history of the United States.

I promise you, that if this process that I will publish is not corrupted and undermined by the political crooks responsible for our current crisis, you will see America Soar to the Top 5 in 10 Years (or less).

In my next post I will provide a copy of the Sample Platform.

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