Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mother's Day Poem

I wrote a poem for my mom and her mom. They both were pleased, though Mimi (Grandmother Penny) had issue with two lines. See if you can guess which ones:

Letter to an Unsuspecting Mother

(And Her Mother)

You ask why it is that I'd rather you didn't die,

Well I thought it rather obvious that I didn't lie

When I said I really do love you.

That is something I cannot deny: I really do.

Whenever you said I was facetious or rude

I never did say I was your clone, dude,

but I'm always your child, however crude.

I love you, and have always loved you, both.

I may choose a different path than you,

But that's not 'cause o' anything you did or did not do.

You are Mama and Mimi, and that settles the matter,

I'd trust you however the mercury, mad hatter!

As simple the words, however clich├ęd,

I cannot deny the truth.

Forever and always, and evermore,

I love you exponentially, more and more.

Can you see them? Anyway, see you guys later! Happy Mother's Day!

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