Sunday, July 1, 2007

Update for Summer Semester #1

I know I haven't posted in a while, so I thought I'd make it up to you guys by posting a really long one.

I have thought up some really neat ideas, ones I wished stuck with me, but I can say it would have made any book I wrote including those ideas quite deep.

I have pondered many things, some of which I will share with you.

I have thought about death, and how it affects people.

One of the ironies of life, said a friend at church, was that without death, there would be no time for "repentance."

I'm a Mormon, to some extent, or at least I'm born into a Mormon family, so I am familiar with a lot of Mormon ideology.

I have a brought-up-Neopegan bookworm (whom I wouldn't trade for the world) for a mom, and a sociopathic idiot who absurdly calls himself a Mormon for a would-be dad.

I love my mother, could care less about the other freak.

I have, as you guys probably figured out, been from public institution to public institution. Most of those were "residential treatment facilities," meaning I stayed there long-term, and got lots of head doctor attention. Mostly, I just had a bunch of orderlies look out for me, but there were a few guys and gals that were more than faceless "direct care personnel," or however they put the title. Some were true (or as close to true as you can get in a place like that) friends.

I especially honor Mrs. Williams-Coleman, in that she went (as far as I knew) beyond her duties, and actually took us under her wing as would a mother hen.

I really appreciate that.

Dr. Jack Charles Hinds is a great guy. He may have not been there every day, but over time, what I got to know of him showed that he was (and is) a quality guy.

There are others in similar facilities that I knew, Mr. Aaron from Meadow Pines RTC, as well as "Sphincter Woman," I called her that because I was "Sphincter Man" to her. It was an inside joke, obviously.

Also obvious, was that I couldn't come up with a better comeback quickly enough. I can do so now.

I went to the Angelika Film Center in Dallas for the first time. I watched "Paprika (2006)," a Japanese anime, which I enjoyed.

I will keep you posted!

-- Alex Maurin

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