Friday, March 9, 2007

Some More Crazy Ideas

Let's see.

I'm imagining a fictional spacecraft, with four grav-props (Gravity-Wave Propulsion Generators), they form a circular ring around the middle, then by tweaking the flow, generates small gravity distortions that propel the craft. It then stores energy in the ring, like an inductance coil, and releases it into the surrounding space-time, ripping a temporary wormhole in the spot it had been. In the same instance of time, many millions of light-centuries further, it lapses back into normal grav-prop mode, and docks with a spaceport.

Sound interesting? I bet I got that from somewhere. I thought it unique. Gravity Rings. You spin plasma around in a ring, tightly confined via manipulated gravity waves, and then force half of it to flow counter to the other half. Many collisions occur. Very great heat, increased pressure. In this scenario, it compacts so much energy, that it rips/stretches space-time so that further, more subtle, manipulations can be made, so that it transfers nearly simultaneously.

Modern magick is really a blend of nanotechnology, bioengineered viruses, and bacteria, integrated into genetically engineered super-soldiers, who fight for their freedom. They can manipulate anything from magnetic waves, and electricity, to fire, to gravity. Modulated gravity waves are used as a form of telepathy (outgoing only), based on neurophone technology, and fire manipulation is created by use of biofuel-carrying microbes generated by the adept's body, especially hands (palms and fingertips).

Most advanced is ability to separate into smaller lifeforms resembling normal common creatures in the wild, but remain a whole via clustering technologies via gravity-wave transmission for synchronization of mental processes.

When in multiple guises, sensory inputs are increases exponentially, but run the risk of being "scrambled," meaning, a gravity-wave noise generator disrupts communication between disparate parts, which could cause the soldier to be prevented from reassembling.

Creatures generated may vary based on a soldier's preferences, personality, or other factors, but birds of prey are favored, as well as coyotes, wolves, wildcats, small rodents. Usually mammals, birds, a few reptiles are favored by some REBAGs (Really Evil BAd Guys).

That should do it for now.

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