Friday, March 9, 2007

This is a useful Group to join. The compination of these two wonderful services by Google should solve many of my problems with keeping everybody informed. Subscribe to Alexnet Club for information on that whats and whens

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Anyway, I plan on blogging regularly, and I will strive my best to keep my friends, family, and other interested parties informed as to my thoughts, feelings, imaginings, and other snippets of my mind. I really do suggest you subscribe, but whether you do or not, I do intend to consummate this pact with myself.

In other news, I have just turned in my Journal (Actually my blog before this point), my Portfolio, and I've already turned in my Position Paper, which is on the building of fiber network infrastructure owned and managed by municipalities, to suppliment the spotty coverage of some larger telephone companies, like AT&T, QWest, and Verizon.

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