Thursday, March 8, 2007

Tossing Ideas Around -Note Jotting

Let's see...

16 characters, one for each Jung-Meyers-Briggs "type"?

Probably not.

Primary Theme?

?= Coming of Age, Use of Wisdom (as applied to technology), Disadvantages of Bigotry, Rescue (Later)?

Zander and Chloe go on a journey to find their place in a world they no longer understand, by defeating a system of control used to manipulate them and their families.



Can the Day get Any Worse?

Weirdos, Weirdos, Everywhere!

Something I can't Quite Put a Finger on...

Abilities Gained, Freedoms Lost

That Crazy Dream

Are You Sure You're my Mom?

I Guess I'm Insane

Mix and Match

Responsibility, that Necessary Evil

I Hope It isn't You!

Tangled Webs Woven

Ooh, a Journey! What next?

On the Road Again!


Oh, boy, a Snake Bite! Just What the Really Evil Bad Guy Ordered!

Waiter, there's a Flesh-Eating Worm in my Gut!

Oh, no! It's Them Zombies 'Gain!

Really Evil Guy's Lair, at Last!

Just Not Our Day

They Took My Wife, and She's Out There Cookin' Pecan Pies!

There's More Than Pecans in There, isn't There?

National Heathen Day

Licking Our Nasty, Green-Glowing Wounds

What's in that Water, Anyway?

Lots of Colors, Few Options

A Desperate Plan

Execution of an Iffy Plan

What, Do I Look Like Your Manservant?

I can't Believe You Said That!

Distraction? Oh, Yeah, Right! Like That'll Ever Work!

Pretty Colors, a Flash and a Bang

The Same Old, Same Old.

Restoration of Order

A Strictly Nonelectrical Spark

You Know What They Say, It's Only the Beginning!

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